Investing with Purpose

We see investments as a means to an end: maintaining or growing the wealth of successful individuals and families over multiple generations. Such wealth can be significantly enhanced or destroyed by aggressive risk-taking. Thus the purpose behind your investment portfolio is defined in your financial plan, which we design to accommodate your goals and all aspects of your financial situation. If your goal is to accumulate wealth, then a portfolio will be designed to accommodate that goal. Similarly, if your goal is wealth preservation, a different portfolio would be required.
Investing with purpose entails taking enough risk to achieve your goals, but not more than is necessary.

Financial Planning in Context

Financial planning takes into account everything that affects your finances as we plan to meet your goals. Your plan must consider not only your, goals, but address your assets and liabilities, hopes and concerns, limitations and opportunities. It must be take into account economic realities, taxes, cash flow considerations, risk tolerance, estate planning, charitable planning issues and more. You can feel confident that your plan will be built in the context of how it will serve your personal life situation and supported by our disciplined investment process.

Supporting your Plan with a Disciplined Investment Process

Every investment decision we make on your behalf, is made to support your plan using the following disciplines:
Long-term approach: a disciplined, long-term approach to meeting your goals. Investments are carefully researched. Market conditions are monitored and considered, but our objective is to meet your long-term goals. With that understanding, short-term volatility must often be tolerated in order to achieve your end goals. Taking a long-term view of current conditions can help us to sort opportunities from the noise of daily headlines.
Balanced risk and opportunity: preserving your purchasing power and achieving your long-term goals by achieving reasonable rates of return over time. Enough but not more means that we don’t seek out more risk that you are capable of accepting, nor do we seek more risk than you need.
Rigorous academic research: building portfolios using research rooted in academics, focusing on factors that we believe will lead to better performance over time.
Diversification: diversification as the key to mitigating losses in the short-term and to preserving your long-term purchasing power.
Keeping costs low: limiting the impact of management fees, trading costs and taxes on your investment profits by using low-cost investment strategies. While market conditions are largely beyond our control, fees and costs are one of the few things over which we have absolute power. Minimising your costs to invest keeps more money in your pocket, reducing your need to take excess risk to achieve your goals.
Review and update accordingly: constantly evaluating your allocation mix and reviewing your portfolio to seek opportunities to rebalance; employing an opportunistic approach to portfolio rebalancing while trading infrequently.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams by shaping your financial plan and managing a disciplined investment plan and process to support it—all customised to your unique story.