business consulting

Business Consulting

Ark Finance offers small & medium sized businesses the following suite of business consulting services. These services are offered on a short term engagement basis.

Strategic Planning

Successful businesses are constantly assessing market conditions & competitive forces. It is not every event in the market that needs a reaction, but it certainly needs an assessment of whether a reaction from the business or change to the business is required.

Where the business owner feels he/she needs to change the business direction due to market forces, or where the business owner wants an assessment of current business direction, we can assist in completing such strategy reviews.

Operational & Control Reviews

It is essential that a business has formal process controls in place to safeguard the security of business assets and to ensure the operations of the business are carried out in a controlled, manageable and recordable basis.

We can help business owners with the design of management control systems and the testing of existing controls and procedures.

Business & Financial Planning

Whether you plan to introduce a new service or product, or expand your business, we can help with the tactical planning. We can produce a business plan for the project which details the project execution steps and forecasts the financial cash flow implications for the business as a whole. We can assist with pricing and margin decisions on new offerings.

If you feel you may have a need for some of these services, please call us to schedule an initial consultation where we can discuss & assess your business needs.