Financial Advice

When you hear the term ‘Financial Advice’ you might have an idea of what that means.  At Ark Finance we are experts at Financial Advice and we have a tried and trusted method of ensuring that you get the most from our service.

We use the following advice process to maximise the value that you, the client, obtain from our expert service.

Financial Position Today

We look at where you are today, what stage of life you are at and what your finances look like.

Financial Objectives

We discuss with you what your hopes and goals are for the future, where you want to be in later life and what you would like that to look like financially.

Risk Assessment

We will discuss what level of risk you would be happy with. Not everybody is willing to take big chances and it’s fine to be somewhat cautious.

Financial Plan

We formulate a plan that shows the steps that need to be taken to help you along your journey to your future success.

Recommended Solutions

We are expert at what we do and so we are up to date with all the financial products that are out there. We will suggest options that may be suitable for you.

Research Provider

We research the market place for you to find the optimum solution. We are independent so can offer you a variety of the best options.

Implement Solutions

Once you have decided on what is best for you and we have a plan this is where we action it and get your finances working for you.


We will schedule regular reviews with you to make sure your financial plan is working and that you are satisfied.

Ongoing Service

We are always there, on hand to advise and help. Life changes and when it does then your plan may have to change also. We will be there to advise on the best options for you.


Ark Finance offer expert advice and a professional service which is why we have been trusted for over 11 years in business.  Talk to us today about planning your finances for the future.  Call Ark Finance 045 533511