Imagine that your whole adult life was summed up as a trip in an elevator.

You get on at the ground floor with your first job and move up the floors with each life stage change. The financial advice from a Financial Broker could make the difference between stepping off on the top floor with a smile on your face and a happy future or quite the opposite.

First Job

When you have graduated from university you embark on your career with your first real job. You finally have some money to spend each month. While the temptation is to party and spend like there is no tomorrow this is the time to develop some good saving habits. You will have many important purchases later in life so saving a little regularly will help. Those that invest in a pension in early years tend to make a comfortable retirement possible and it’s never too early to start.

First House

As you have been saving for a while now, hopefully you will have a deposit for your first home and will be looking to take out a mortgage. It’s important at this stage that you put in place a mortgage protection policy and think about income protection should the unexpected happen. Your financial broker can advise you on the best options for your situation.

Kids arrive

When the babies arrive your whole world will change and as you watch them grow you will see how dependent they are on you as a parent.  You need to ensure you have the right levels of family life protection in place should the unthinkable happen and you can’t work due to illness. It is great peace of mind knowing they will still be looked after.

New Job

Moving up the career ladder means added responsibilities but it also means an increased salary too. Make sure your pension plan is on track with advice from a trusted financial advisor.  Those children are growing taller and soon conversations around university will start so this is a great time to start an education savings plan for them.

Kids fly the nest

The education savings plan will help fund your children’s college education and those summer student trips. You may now finally think about yourself and if you have surplus funds you could make some personal investments. Whatever your level of comfort with risk, there is something to suit every investor. Your financial advisor will guide you through your options and help you select the right option for you.


Finally it’s time to enjoy all your hard work. You have saved, paid a mortgage, financed your children’s education and now it is time to reap the benefits of your pension plan. However, you will still need to plan for many years to come so it is important you keep in contact with your financial advisor. Their advice could help your future self enjoy a more comfortable retirement full of holidays, hobbies and fun.

Ark Finance can help guide you along every financial life stage with Independent Financial Advice. We put the supports in place to get you to your dream future. Call us today no matter what stage of life (or elevator journey) you are at.