Ambition is the first step to success – the second step is Action. 


We all have a goal in life, a dream that could possibly become a reality but we have to make it happen.  Sometimes you may not know how to get there and that is the time you need to look for a helping hand.  We want all our clients to be successful and we do all in our power to help them achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality with sound financial advice .     

Whoever wants to reach a goal must take many steps to get there.  In our financial advice journey we have the following steps

Risk profiling

Some people are more comfortable with taking risks than others.  At Ark Finance, we ask the questions to ensure we suggest the correct financial product that is right for you. 



We go through a process with you that ensures you are selecting the correct product for the stage in life you are at and the goals you want to achieve in the future.



Once the plan is in place we can start you on your financial journey to success.



We keep right up to date with the products that are available in the market right now.  We  are knowledgeable on both the well-established and new entrants to the markets so you have lots of options to choose from. 



We will use our knowledge to advise you on what financial products are right for you.  We are independent so are not tied to any particular company or product, your interests are our priority.


Research Strategy

We spend much of our time researching products for clients at all stages of life.  We look at products of different values so we can be knowledgeable and advise accordingly.



We understand that each client is unique and the future they dream of is important to them.  We also understand the market and what the best options are at each time.


Setting Goals

We start off with a dream, we set some goals and we keep the end line in sight.  As each goal is achieved we celebrate, if we are not moving to the goal quickly enough we might need to change direction.  That is why regular discussions over the years to ensure we are on track are vital.


Experience & Service

We care about our clients and we thrive on our reputation that is why client satisfaction is so important to us.  Much of our work comes from referrals so we want you to be able to tell others how good we are at what we do.   We have been offering financial advice in Kildare for over 10 years and have a long list of satisfied clients.



We are open and honest with our clients, we are bound by regulations and codes of conduct in Ireland that ensure you get the best advice possible.



Ark Finance are not tied in with any particular product or company.  This means we can offer you a wider range of products to suit you and can be totally independent in our advice.  Ark Finance will offer you financial advice to help you succeed in your future plans.  Expert advice, professional service and trusted in Kildare for over 10 years.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.